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Aug 27, 2001
I am finally the #1 Fabrizio on the planet according to Google! I have been looking forward to it since Joel Spolsky noted that he was more relevant than Billy Joel...
Jun 24, 2001
Tom DeMarco (Why does software cost so much?): My least favorite metric of the 20th century is dietary cholesterol as a predictor of early heart attack. The relationship, if there is one, is extraordinarily weak [...]
Kary Mullis (Dancing Naked in the Mind Field): No one has any hard evidence that all this stuff about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol makes any difference.
Similar viewpoints in my recent reading...
Jun 17, 2001
Italian soccer: Juventus is behind Roma, this year's winner of the coveted Scudetto; let's celebrate by visiting AntiJuve.
Jun 15, 2001
Great report of a trip to Northern Italy on Epinions: it looks like he had some real Pesto Genovese! We have been to Europe 4 times and this was the best trip, yet.
New World Syndrome: the Micronesians victims of an epidemy of obesity, brought by USA eating habits.
Tunisia, the Roman Africa: Tunisia's Culture Minister, Abdelbaki Hermassi, says, Our reference groups are the French and the Italians, not the Algerians and Libyans.
Some more beach reading from the Atlantic Monthly.
Jun 12, 2001
New recipe: Aromatic Pesto (Pesto di erbe aromatiche in Italian)
Jun 11, 2001:
Is your mailbox being vandalized? You need a Maginot mailbox.
The Real War vs. plaster saints engaged in a sanctified crusade.
My recent beach reading.
May 28, 2001
Back in Italy I saw a friend after four long years. The first thing he said: Thanks for recommending Tom Sharpe's books!. Riotous Assembly was a riot indeed...
How it started: Alessandro Levi Montalcini ten years ago lent me The Throwback. Not for puritans.
May 12, 2001
Kary Mullis' Dancing Naked in the Mind Field will blow your mind. Guaranteed.
May 1, 2001
Inside joke: Ping! I love that duck! -- scroll down to Reviewer: A reader from El Segundo.
Apr 29, 2001
At the last minute during my Italian trip I snatched a copy of Umberto Eco's latest work, the picaresque novel Baudolino.
One night I read the first chapter, which is outrageously funny -- it will be hard to render in English, though, as it is written in mediaeval Italian interspersed with Latin, Piedmontese and Genovese.
There are even expressions that are typical of the Piedmontese province of Alessandria, where Umberto Eco was born.
Apr 15, 2001
I am back from Italy... I followed a Slow Food itinerary, after more than one year of deprivation here in California. Among the nice places I visited:
Savona: Vino e Farinata
Borgio Verezzi: Da Caxetta
Briaglia: Trattoria Marsupino
Milano: Hostaria Pascone
Verona: Osteria al Duomo
Verona: La Corte Vecia
Castiglione delle Stiviere: Hostaria Viola
Pianezza: Locanda del Musicante
Mar 16, 2001
Felice Benuzzi, an Italian officer in a British POW camp during World War II, is positively bored to death. Mount Kenya looms on the horizon.
So he decides to take a little vacation (read: escape) and climb Mount Kenya with a couple of friends. They are lucky enough to survive, and tell us the story in No Picnic on Mount Kenya
Mar 14, 2001
Inventing the AIDS Virus is a must-read book by Peter H. Duesberg. He thinks that the HIV virus is not responsible for AIDS. Other scientists, including some Nobel prize winners, agree.
If he is right, this will be a big blow to the scientific establishment, lost in a wild goose chase. A very lucrative chase! Alternative AIDS theories refutations
Mar 3, 2001
Eric Schlosser grilled on his Fast Food Nation on the O'Reilly Factor. Cool!
Feb 20, 2001
AntiJuve: the most important Italian soccer website, ever.
In punto di morte, cambio squadra e tifo Juventus: almeno muore uno di loro.(Anonimo Fiorentino)
(On my deathbed, I'll switch teams and become a Juventus supporter, at least one of them will die.)
Feb 19, 2001
EuroChocolate opens in my hometown, Turin. Hmmm... perhaps it was not a good idea to move to California!
Jan 28, 2001
New recipe: Spaghetti Crudaiola (Spaghetti alla Crudaiola in Italian)
Jan 23, 2001
ChunkJoiner is featured in Dr. Koch's book Die besten Internet-Programme für den Macintosh, available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Not bad for an application that I haven't updated since 1997!
Jan 18, 2001
Even Joel Spolsky calls it the awful hamburger chain: why is it that some of the biggest IT consulting companies in the world do the worst work?
Jan 6, 2001
Why McDonald's fries taste so good: Eric Schlosser explains how American processed food loses all its flavor, and how a little-known part of the chemical industry puts it back in.
Jan 5, 2001
Unhappy Meals: Eric Schlosser, an award-winning investigative journalist, about his book, Fast Food Nation: the dark side of the all-American meal.


Nov 14, 2000
Disk Charmer is now retired.
Oct 14, 2000
New recipe: Oven-Baked Lasagne
Oct 8, 2000
New recipe: Italian Chicken Cacciatora
Sep 17, 2000
New recipe: Italian Ragù
Sep 14, 2000
New recipe: Oven-Baked Rabbit
Aug 27, 2000
New recipe: Chocolate Mousse
Aug 20, 2000
Urban Legends and Italy, or Throwing Pasta Up On The Ceiling: can you create urban legends, or eradicate them? If you are a smart Neapolitan psychiatrist, the answer is yes.
Aug 19, 2000
Check out the Carton Rapid Race, where crazy Italian crews raft down an alpine river on boats built with cardboard and duct tape!
Jul 29, 2000
New recipe: Flan verdure
Jul 26, 2000
Added Search feature (courtesy of AtomZ).
Apr 30, 2000
New recipe: Torta di Carote (Carrot Cake)
Apr 15, 2000
Updated the Forward Delete page.
Mar 11, 2000
New recipe: Pesche agli Amaretti (Peaches Amaretto)
Mar 5, 2000
New recipe: Croquit (Potato Meatballs)
Mar 4, 2000
New recipe: Risotto ai Funghi (Risotto with Mushrooms)
Feb 19, 2000
The Torino Scale categorizes the Earth impact hazard associated with asteroids and comets. Torino is my hometown, in case you forgot.


Dec 4, 1999
A letter of mine to "Italians" is (web-)published!
Nov 25, 1999
Some friends of mine are going to have my Tiramisu for Thanksgiving, so I translated the recipe in English: Tiramisu (with Marsala).
Nov 21, 1999
Added recipe for Farinata (a.k.a. Torta di Ceci).
Nov 20, 1999
Going to Italy for the millennium (like me) and unable to speak Italian (unlike me)? Help in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian is available from the Cesare toll-free number.
Interested in looking at how your last name is distributed on the Italian territory? Check out Labo.
Looking for a phone number in Italy? Pagine Bianche even has reverse phone number lookup. Does not work with cellular phone numbers though.
Oct 6, 1999
Speaking about my hometown: Motorola is creating a European R&D Center in Turin, Italy.
Motorola opened a smaller research center in Turin a year and a half ago [...]. The expansion will create 500 new jobs over the next five years, according to Motorola spokeswoman Una Kent.
While this is good news for Turin, Motorola Employment does not even list it among the Italian cities where Motorola operates. (Of course if your browser does not support JavaScript you won't even get to the list.)
It's not surprising to learn that Jared M. Spool, Web Usability guru, thinks that Motorola's website mostly does not work well.
Thanks to Alessandro Levi Montalcini and Tomalak's Realm for the links.
Oct 1, 1999
New Disk Charmer release.
Sep 25, 1999
By the way, did you know that Turin will host the 2006 Winter Olympics? Don't be fooled by CNN: the mayor's last name is Castellani.
Aug 7, 1999
Corby Kummer writes an amazingly accurate piece about my hometown: Touring Turin
The place to experience the height of northern-Italian elegance isn't where most people think.
Jul 25, 1999
Curious about what I've been doing lately? Well, cooking Ricette Italiane of course!


Nov 4, 1998
Folder Icon Cleaner may not be compatible with Mac OS 8.5.
Sep 6, 1998
Forward Delete a Fabulous Freeware on MacTimes.
Aug 29, 1998
Disk Charmer in the MRP Essential Utilities.
Marco Piovanelli uses a QuickestMirror link with Style :-)
Jun 21, 1998
New Disk Charmer release.
Jun 8, 1998
New Disk Charmer release.
Jun 6, 1998
Apple's eight giant Macintosh symbols are now just a memory
I was there just in time... Thanks for the pictures, Rene!
Mar 26, 1998
The first SoCal Frontier User Group meeting will happen this Saturday!
Mar 24, 1998
New Disk Charmer release.
Mar 3, 1998
New Disk Charmer release.
Feb 28, 1998
The next Disk Charmer release will work around the Apple Menu Options bug and the Mac OS 8.1 disk corruption bug.
Feb 26, 1998
Disk Charmer in MacWEEK!
Feb 22, 1998
François Grieu reports that Mac OS 8.1 may corrupt certain kinds of disks created by Disk Charmer and other programs.
Feb 7, 1998
Added a note about the Quadra 840av and Disk Charmer.
Feb 4, 1998
New Disk Charmer release.
Feb 2, 1998
If you use ChunkJoiner, you should know about a little Finder bug.
Jan 20, 1998
Disk Charmer 3.1 will support the Mac OS Extended format, a.k.a. HFS Plus.
Jan 12, 1998
Disk Charmer and QuickestMirror in The Mac Shareware Top 10.


Dec 29, 1997
Networkable Mac Games recommends Folder Icon Cleaner in the Accelerate MacOS 8 page.
Dec 28, 1997
QuickestMirror reviewed on TechWeb.
Nov 10, 1997
Marco Piovanelli reports that QuickestMirror fails behind a proxy server, and Karl-Johan Norén explains why.
Nov 6, 1997
Ed "What the" Heckman finds the solution to a problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Early next week I will move to the USA, where I will be working as a Software Engineer for Lasergraphics, Inc..
Nov 4, 1997
TidBITS publishes my article "Mirror, Mirror on the Internet: QuickestMirror", check out issue #403.
New QuickestMirror release.
Oct 31, 1997
The next QuickestMirror release will support Vremya by Kirill Levchenko.
Oct 29, 1997
New ChunkJoiner release.
Oct 19, 1997
New CDIconKiller release.
Oct 1, 1997
New QuickestMirror release.
CDIconKiller 1.4.1 has no effect on PowerPC-based Macs under System 7.6.1 and 8.0.
Sep 9, 1997
Netscape sometimes forgets registered protocols. Good to know if you use QuickestMirror (and Netscape, of course).
Sep 8, 1997
First QuickestMirror release.
Jul 4, 1997
New Disk Charmer release.
Jun 13, 1997
New MicroArchitecture Simulator release.
May 26, 1997
James Prescott about a CDIconKiller warning.
May 14, 1997
Peppino Ventura finds a bug in Disk Charmer.
Apr 30, 1997
New CDIconKiller release.
Apr 24, 1997
QuickestMirror beta testing begins.
Apr 6, 1997
System 7.5.5 and Disk Charmer page updated because of System 7.6.1.
SpeedDoubler news in the Disk Charmer page.
Apr 5, 1997
Completely revamped my website using Frontier.
CDIconKiller 1.4.1 announced.
Peppino Ventura has found a cosmetic bug in Disk Charmer.
Some additions to the RH Unabridged & Webster's Patches page were long overdue.
How to register mentions that Kagi supports PGP.
Leverrier and Neptune, a letter I sent to Scientific American.
Mar 8, 1997
QuickestMirror announcement.
Feb 24, 1997
Japanese Online Registration Forms are available now.
Updated the Disk Charmer page: see note about Ontrack Disk Manager Mac.
Jan 27, 1997
Preempting the Mac, the article of mine that appeared in MacTech Magazine, in the January 1997 issue.
Jan 3, 1997
New Disk Charmer release.
See you at the Netters Dinner?


Dec 27, 1996
I found an eject bug in Disk Charmer; version 3.0.8 fixes this.
System 7.5.5 and Disk Charmer updated.
Dec 18, 1996
New Disk Charmer release.
Dec 14, 1996
Barry Cezell (sp?) and others found that somehow Disk Charmer refused to erase Zip disks; version 3.0.7 fixes this.
Nov 27, 1996
Rahul Sen Gupta reports this weird Finder bug, involving CDIconKiller and the Launcher control panel.
Nov 18, 1996
Peppino Ventura found that assigning long names to DOS and ProDOS disks caused problems with Disk Charmer; version 3.0.7 fixes this.
Nov 6, 1996
New CDIconKiller release.
Nov 1, 1996
New CDIconKiller page.
Oct 11, 1996
New Disk Charmer release.
Oct 2, 1996
Peppino Ventura found a couple of bugs in Disk Charmer, that are now fixed.
Sep 25, 1996
Other SpeedEmulator news in the Disk Charmer page.
Sep 21, 1996
System 7.5.5 and Disk Charmer: bug fixes may improve Disk Charmer's behavior on certain Mac models or in certain circumstances;
Sep 20, 1996
Added the MacUser ratings and trimmed down the home page.
Sep 9, 1996
Updated the Disk Charmer page: see note about the DR Emulator.
Sep 6, 1996
New Disk Charmer release.
Sep 3, 1996
Credit card owners can now register online: added the How to register page, useful even to my existing registered users.
Added the FaberQuencer page.
Aug 31, 1996
My pages now sport the familiar access counter.
Aug 30, 1996
Updated the Folder Icon Cleaner page: mentioned Disk Rejuvenator.
Aug 27, 1996
New Disk Charmer release;
new Folder Icon Cleaner release;
new FaberQuencer release.
Jul 30, 1996
By the way, want to win an almost free registration?

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