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icon <1K Folder Icon Cleaner 2.0.2

Last updated: November 4, 1998
Warning: Folder Icon Cleaner may not be compatible with Mac OS 8.5.x and later. In fact, Technical Note 1142 states:
Starting with Finder 8.5, the invisible "Icon" file placed in directories may contain resource-based information used by the Finder other than an icon suite. It should only be deleted if it contains no resources at all.

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Jim Heid praised Folder Icon Cleaner in MacWorld, December 1995.
Networkable Mac Games recommends Folder Icon Cleaner in the Accelerate MacOS 8 page.
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Owen W. Linzmayer talks about Folder Icon Cleaner in MacAddict.

Folder Icon Cleaner lets you correctly get rid of those space and time wasting custom icons, stuck right there on your folders. The Finder keeps every folder icon in a separate hidden file. The known versions of the Finder do not delete this file when removing a custom folder icon. They only delete the icon resources from the file. Note that no other information is kept into these Icon files. Folder Icon Cleaner correctly removes the icon by deleting the file (and by updating the Use custom icon attribute of the folder). No data is lost, you only gain a little more free space on your disk. You can even erase every custom folder icon on your disk. Life is easier with a drag&drop interface.

Want to suppress custom icons on your CD-ROM? Then you need CDIconKiller!

If your hard drive icon looks like a document (a blank page with the upper right corner folded over), to repair it you need Disk Rejuvenator by Leonard Rosenthol.

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