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icon <1K CDIconKiller 1.5

Last updated: March 3, 2001

Important Compatibility Warning

This utility is not compatible with Mac OS 9, nor with the upcoming Mac OS X. It is only supposed to work under System 7 and, possibly, under Mac OS 8 (with caveats).

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Why is CDIconKiller so cool?

Compatibility notes and known bugs (if any)

3 mice  MacUser's rating: three out of five mice.
Geoff Duncan praises CDIconKiller in TidBITS #287.
We think CDIconKiller is so important that we include it on our CD every month.
MacFormat Magazine Italia, July 1997
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Why is CDIconKiller so cool?

To suppress custom icons on CD-ROMs install this software. This tends to speed up the Finder by a factor of about a zillion.

Suppose you want the extension to be inactive (show all icons) except when you hold down the Command (cloverleaf) key. Open the 'cdev' resource with ResEdit (Open Using Hex Editor) and change "6632" to "6732" and "6624" to "6724".

The full source code is included for your convenience.

Original work by Quinn and Peter N Lewis.

And if you just want to suppress custom icons on your hard disk, try Folder Icon Cleaner.

Compatibility issues and known bugs

(The most recently added or updated items drift upward in the list)

CDIconKiller used to support slow devices such as floppies and networked disks, but I removed this feature since it could permanently (instead of temporarily) turn off the custom icons. CDIconKiller would disable custom icons on writable devices permanently, that is, it would turn off the custom icon attribute bit. Unfortunately, the technique used by CDIconKiller was devised with a read-only device in mind.

My Folder Icon Cleaner utility can fix this problem if occurring on folders.

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