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How to register my programs

Last updated: October 24, 1999

How do I use the Register application? You find this out (and more!) in the Kagi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

(to receive all the FAQs in text format, send an empty message to FAQ@kagi.com)

Online Registration

If you are a credit card owner, you can register my programs online using a web form. There are two versions of this form: a secure version and a standard version. You ought to use the secure version of the form unless you are using a web browser that does not support secure connections. Using a secure form ensures that all information flowing between your computer and the remote web server is encrypted during the whole session, protecting sensitive information from prying eyes.

(If Secure does not work with your browser check out this page.)

Kagi Shareware

Shareware registrations for my programs are handled by Kagi, a company that processes payments. Kagi is not a software publisher; thus, it cannot provide technical support for my programs. For technical support, you should contact me directly.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

If you wish to PGP encrypt your payment data you can obtain the Kagi PGP key by sending an email to PGP@kagi.com.

After You Register...

After you register, Kagi automatically sends you an e-mail reply titled "Thanks for your payment". This message confirms your payment and contains an additional message from me. Kagi can take up to 10 days to process a registration form from the date they receive it. If you do not receive the aforementioned e-mail message, contact Kagi at admin@kagi.com or the postal address given on the registration form to ask about the status of your registration.

Once you have registered, you are considered registered for all future shareware versions of the program you are registering, so you do not need to reregister or pay any additional fees when you upgrade to a new version.

Registration numbers?

My shareware programs, as of now, are not crippleware (no features are disabled till you register) and do not require a serial number. My shareware programs will eventually require a registration code: when this happens, the existing registered users will receive a registration code at no additional cost.

Upgrade notification

I will notify of all upgrades registered users who have provided an e-mail address. Receiving the upgrades themselves in BinHex is an option (just ask).

Hey! I am not receiving my upgrades/announcements any more! What gives?

Regrettably the Internet mailers bounce a whole message back if delivery problems are found; thus, I move an addressee from the BinHex list to the announcement list each time a BinHex bounce occurs, to avoid huge bounces in the future. Should the bounces persist, I remove the hapless addressee from the announcement list altogether. Of course I'll put you back on track as soon as you get in touch with me again.

One final word of caution: Internet e-mail is not supposed to be reliable (apparently it used to be reliable, or more reliable, before the evilest Operating System on earth made our lives all the more miserable: see The Unix Haters Handbook (chapter 4: Mail).

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