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icon <1K icon <1K Disk Charmer 3.1.5

Last updated: November 14, 2000

Mac OS X Info

Due to radical changes in Mac OS X, this utility is now officially retired, that is, it will not be updated for Mac OS X. I might come up with minor updates, but only for previous releases of the Mac OS.
Why is Disk Charmer so cool?

Compatibility notes and known bugs (if any)

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Why is Disk Charmer so cool?

  • Erase disks quickly. Avoid the lengthy initialization process! You can erase any kind of disk, even using foreign formats such as MS-DOS (ugh!)
  • Free trapped Megabytes! Set the minimum allocation block size with the Mac OS Extended format, a.k.a. HFS Plus; some companies charge thirty bucks just for this!
  • Create oversize disks by reducing catalog space: you gain 9K on 800K disks, 19K on 1.4M disks, 1.5M on Zip disks, 2.1M on MO230 disks (storage gains for other popular removable media wanted)
  • initialize floppy disks in the background!
  • copy floppy disks
  • verify floppy disk media
  • create DiskCopy disk images from floppies
  • recreate floppies from DiskCopy or DiskDup+ disk images

Disk Charmer is easy and convenient to use:

  • help balloons are everywhere
  • it performs the job in the background; to access this feature, you need the Thread Manager extension from Apple, or System 7.5.x which incorporates it
  • it supports drag&drop - even the new Drag Manager
4 mice  MacUser's rating: four out of five mice.
Disk Charmer in MacWEEK
One of the MRP Essential Utilities.
MacAddict, October 1997: one of the top 50 shareware programs.
Chad Magendanz, author of the award-winning ShrinkWrap utility, praises Disk Charmer in TidBITS #339.
MacWorld France, November 1996: Les 20 logiciels indispensables
one of the 20 indispensable shareware/freeware programs.
Rated as one of the top programs by the German magazine c't magazin für computertechnik.
Was in The Mac Shareware Top 10.
Monday's MacGadget on the MacObserver: ...those cool things that we all just have to have on our Macs.
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Compatibility issues and known bugs

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