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Last updated: March 6, 1998

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Who used this Simulator?

Microprogramming Lab, CS63: Principles of Computer Organization (Ray Ontko, Department of Computer Science @ Earlham College)
3 mice  MacUser's rating: three out of five mice.
Praised by MacWelt (the German edition of MacWorld), December 1996


This application runs on any Apple Macintosh with System 7 installed.

MicroArchitecture Simulator models a microprogrammed processor similar to the one described in the book Structured Computer Organization by Andrew S. Tanenbaum (Prentice Hall). Its hardware components and instruction set are fixed (not too much...) but its microprogram is fully editable in a user friendly manner. The processor has access to a 128K Random Access Memory (it borrows from your Mac); you can easily view, modify, load or save this portion of memory. You can run programs and debug them with a step by step execution. Namely, you can advance by a conventional instruction, by a microinstruction, and even by a clock subcycle observing the internal parts of the processor.

Full C source code is included in the package.

Show off section

The application looks like this:

Simulator screen 27K

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