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Other programs

Last updated: April 5, 1997

Stuff you'll find here:


Latest version: 2.1

Download URL:


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DarkShutdown is a DarkSide module.

DarkShutdown will restart or shut down your Mac besides darkening the screens after the given time has elapsed. The Finder or At Ease must be running, because I restart or shut down by telling them to do so (with Apple Events); this way all open applications are closed correctly. There is even an option for responding automatically to the "Do you want to save..." dialog boxes, useful if the Mac is unattended. It is fully integrated with Alessandro Levi Montalcini's Shutdown Delay (you need version 2.0.1 or later).

DarkShutdown lets you restart or shut down:

DarkShutdown fades the screen and shows the countdown. It even speaks the countdown (ten-nine-eight-seven...) then speaks "restart/shutdown" if the Speech Manager is installed.

DarkSide of the Mac is a wonderful and non-obtrusive screen-saver by Tom Dowdy. This screen saver will not patch the Operating System, avoiding the dreaded conflicts you may experience with other screen savers.

icon <1K Disk Charmer 1.x

Latest version: 1.4.7

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Disk Charmer lets you initialize (or verify) floppy disks. It has a proprietary bad sector lock out algorithm I devised long before the System 7 release.

It requires at least System 4.3 in order to run.

I am not likely to release further updates: nonetheless, people using older Systems may still want to take a look at it.


Latest version: 4.1.4

Download URL:


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FaberFinder is Yet Another MiniFinder. It has a lot of features, though it's only 3Kbytes (the power of good old 68000 assembly).

FaberFinder needs only the Hierarchical File System (HFS). It works (at least) on my old, faithful Mac Plus under System 1.1, 2.0, 4.0, 4.3, 6.0.2, 6.0.8; you can use it safely under System 7.0 or later, but some features are not supported: you cannot launch desk accessories from the directory dialog box, for instance.

FaberFinder may be useful for emergency disks, where space is at a premium. Read the enclosed note to learn more. The note explains how to obtain a safe bootable disk with FaberFinder instead of the Finder using ResEdit instead of a boot block editor.


Latest version: 1.1.1

Download URL:


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FaberZooms is a DarkSide module displaying zooming rectangles (in color if you have a color-capable Mac) all over your screen(s). You may play a sound as the rectangle moves.

icon <1K FKEY Shell

Latest version: 1.1

Download URL:


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FKEY Shell lets you conveniently open function keys (called by programmers FKEYs). FKEYs are little programs you can invoke by pressing a Command-shift-number combination.

Drag&drop (with the required Apple Events) is supported. You can build a stand-alone, double-clickable FKEY that works like an application by simply pasting the FKEY resource into the FKEY Shell application with ResEdit. There is a version for older Systems, with no Apple Events nor color icons, nor Finder Balloon, etc. It can be very useful for FKEY developers: I have included a bomb recovery routine, activating the Resume button in the bomb dialog. Alessandro Levi Montalcini had the original idea, and wrote the no-frills, very first version.

Font Control

Latest version: 1.1.1

Download URL:


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Font Control is a function key (FKEY). An FKEY is a little program you can start up by pressing a Command-Shift-number combination on your keyboard.

You really need this FKEY if you own an Imagewriter or a StyleWriter, and would like to decently print texts:

Read the enclosed note for a complete explanation about the "Fractional Widths, Font Scaling & Preserve Glyphs" story.

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